The Fun of Memes

The Fun of Memes

Ever see those memes which poke fun at how we pack way too much for a trip? The items ramming out the suitcases are skincare products. Items which we desperately want and need to take with us. Some show a woman buckling under the sheer weight of all the numbers of suitcases and bags she’s trying to carry, or someone getting ready to board a plane with lots of trolley bags laden with suitcases in tow. Or the ones where a tantrum is being thrown, or tears being shed when precious items are being confiscated at the airport!

These memes lend themselves so easily and artfully to the idea behind The Karry which looks to address the old-age problem of packing too much. Where the days of trying to get past airport security by sneaking prohibited levels of items are all too familiar. The struggle is well and truly real!

I highlighted these amusing but very real pains anecdotally in my website bio.


“When going away, I would either pack way too many products (one suitcase just for my skincare products is ok right?), or pack them in my carryon luggage (then they would spill, get damaged or confiscated by the delightful airport security), not pack enough (panic) or not pack any at all (cue skin eruptions from using hotel toiletries)”.


Having created The Karry  a stylish solution to taking  precious and expensive skincare on the go, I’m also enjoying the memes which showcase itty-bitty-teeny-weeny bags which comically suggest can contain all the must-have items we can’t leave home without. With the memes being obviously exaggerated, The Karry with its TSA compliant dimensions and thoughtful Karryables (the small and cute glass droppers and jars), is small enough for two week’s worth of skincare products.

Leaving things behind, or packing too much and killing our arms under the weight! 

With these thoughts in mind, the mood is high for current restrictions to be lifted so  we can get back to going out and packing for a trip to show off The Karry.

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