Karry Contents

Thoughtfully Made

We've carefully selected the materials in our sets. Each part of our products is easy to use, light to carry and maintains that luxury feel. The design is as stylish as it is functional.

Here, we provide you with details and more information on what's in The Karry.

Our TSA-compliant pouch and karryables pass the restrictions at the airport and
save you spending more on new products for travel.

The Karry Pouch

Elegant and compact, our luxurious Vegan Saffiano Leather pouch with it's biodegradable clear TPU window has been designed so you can easily see your contents. The pouch is bright, durable, yet soft with the malleable TPU.

[TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane a more recyclable and biodegrable material than plastic.]

Dimensions: 17x11.5cms

Ditch your travel plastic bottles and jars in favour of our recyclable, refillable and reusable glass bottles and jars

Our bottles and jars are made from sustainable materials such as glass, natural rubber and stainless steel, and are recyclable. They are refillable making them an excellent choice for on the road on your travels, or storing them at home.

5g and 10g Glass Jars

BPA free reusable, refillable and recycable glass jars in two sizes ideal for storing moisturisers and cleansers or any solid product.

Lids with Insert lids (plastic) means that no matter how excitedly you shake the jar once decanted, none of its contents should leak out onto anything else in your bag—or onto the plane seat next to yours! 


5g clear glass jar 15x30mm

10g clear glass jar 22x38mm

5ml Dropper Bottles

BPA free, recycable glass dropper bottles ideal for your toners and serums. In three colours - clear, amber and blue.

The clear bottle is suited for products thin in consistency.

The amber and blue colours are made to filter out UV-rays for active ingredients and essential oils and are ideal for products which benefit non exposure to sunlight

Glass pipettes with rubber bulbs and alumimiun rims, are not only sustainable and planet-friendly, but help you get just the right amount of skincare product every time without worrying about wasting any of your precious liquids.

Dimensions: 62 x 17mm

Dropper bottles in water

The Karry Accessories

Each set comes with handy accessories to not only hep you decant easily, but also to use to care for your bottles and jars so you can reuse time and time again, helping to save the planet. 


Large linen dustbag with satin ties 24.5x21.5cms

Small linen dustbag with satin line ties 10x7cms

Aluminium funnel 2cms

Stainelss steel spatula 6cms

Steel bristle (plastic) wire brush 7cms

Label sheet 7x5cms

We’re always looking at ways to improve our production and remain transparent. At the moment, our products are 70% recyclable.

The remaining 30% that we’re working on is for additional
components, such as jar inserts and lids.
While these aren’t single-use plastics, we’re still looking to find recyclable
alternatives so we can aim to make everything 100% recyclable in the near