Care Tips


Caring for your The Karry and Karryables.

The Karry Cleaning and Care Tips

  • We recommend using a leather cleaner to clean the Saffiano leather. Alternatively use a soft damp microfibre cloth. 
  • Use a leather cleaner or a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent
  • For the clear TPU, use a soft microfibre cloth dampened with mild detergent to wipe clean any residue and dirt.
  • Blot dry any excess water with a soft dry cloth.


  • Do not use harsh cleaners or materials as these can damage the leather finish and cause the colour to fade. If you have a leather cleaner, even better!
  • Avoid harsh products like acetone to come into contact with your bag
  • Do not over expose The Karry to sunlight or water for extended periods of time. Advice! The clear TPU screen of the pouch may show yellowing if exposed to continuous sunlight.;
  • Use the dust bag which your The Karry pouch arrived in to cover your bag and protect from exposure to sunlight  between use.



The Karryables Cleaning and Care Tips

  • Gently remove the glass pipette from silver cap and rubber tip (twist out, or pull out with a gentle tug) - for a how-to-video, pease visit our website
  • Soak only the glass pipettes, glass bottles and glass jars in a bowl of vinegar for ten minutes or longer
  • Rinse out with mildly hot water (please take care to not burn yourself)
  • Soak all the glasses in soapy mildly hot water for 10 minutes or longer. 
  • Use the metal and nylon brush provided to clean your bottle Karryables if necessary
  • To dry the glass jars, bottles and pipettes, place on a dry towel to drain the water completely
  • Clean the silver lids, caps, and rubber tips with a soft cloth dampened with mild detergent, drying any excess water.
  • Assemble all parts back ready for next use. 
  • Enjoy and reuse time and time again!


For tough stains use a soft microfibre cloth dampened in mild detergent and clean the affected areas.

Remember, glass breaks! So do treat your glass Karryables as you would with any other glass object. We want you to enjoy your Karryables over and over again.

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