About us



Travel has always inspired our founder Ginny. As a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and mother, she’s always been on the go. Jumping on the plane for her honeymoon, work trips, holidays with her family or just a little relaxation.

The Karry came to Ginny as a light-bulb moment while setting off on holiday alone for the first time since her (now grown-up) children were born. Booking a flight to the picturesque city of Seville, she wanted to pack all her luxury cosmeceutical products in a carry-on suitcase so she could continue her skincare regime while she was away.

Airport restrictions always presented a challenge for Ginny when she used to travel during her City career.


"When going away, I would either pack way too many products ( a suitcase for my skincare products is ok for a weekend away right?) , or pack them in my carryon luggage ( then they would spill, get damaged or confiscated by the delightful airport security ) , not pack enough ( panic ) or not pack any at all ( cue skin eruptions from using hotel toiletries! ) "....Ginny


She found the only other alternative was to buy a whole new set of her luxury products in single-use miniatures. But that didn’t appeal to her as she had a personal mission to reduce her plastic consumption, and neither did she want to pay more for her skincare just because she was going away.

The trip to Seville highlighted to her that there were no compact, sustainable and stylish 100ml containers around to cater for her skincare travel needs.  So Ginny set about creating her own travel set of jars and bottles — her Karryables. A way to conveniently take existing skincare products in a carry-on, within airport guidelines, in an environmentally conscious way.

After extensive research and exciting prototype developments, Ginny created the full Karry Set. What’s more, she used recyclable and reusable materials, so that it wasn’t just stylish but good for the planet, too. 

What started out as an idea for easy travel turned into a great way to make skincare products portable – to the gym, on weekends away, to yoga retreats or simply overnight. Most importantly, she didn’t have to let months of great skincare go to waste. Now she can pack her trusty Karryables in The Karry Set no matter what journey lies ahead.